Manuel A. PAZ-Y-MIÑO C. (Lima, Peru) was a student of Human Medicine at San Marcos National Major University (UNMSM, Lima, 1978-82). He left the Medical School in order to follow Philosophy studies. So he gained both a Bachellor's (1990) and Licentiate's degree in Philosophy (1992) from the UNMSM. Also he has followed Master Studies in Education at the National University of Education (UNE, Lima, 2004-6) and has got an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to follow Master´s Studies in Applied Ethics in both Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Linköping University (2008-9).

He was a member of a biblical church in his teens and after he became an agnostic and then atheist in his youth. As a non-believer he was very interested in Secular Humanism and Skeptical criticism of the pseudoscientific, paranormal and supernatural claims.

Paz-y-Miño has worked as an ad-honorem teaching assistant at the UNMSM´s Department of Philosophy (1989-90). Later he was a teacher under contract of philosophical introductory courses at the same UNMSM (1990-96), then of philosophical and/or logical introductory courses in Enrique Guzman y Valle National University of Education (1995), Cesar Vallejo University (1998), Federico Villarreal National University (2000), Pedagogical San Marcos Higher Education Institute (2000), Peruvian Wings University (2005), Ricardo Palma University (2006-2008), The Americas Peruvian University (2010), San Marcos National Major University (UNMSM) Pre-College Academy (2010-) and UNMSM's Faculty of Education's Post-Graduate Unit (2011-). Also he has tought also a course of Sciences of Religion I  at UNMSM's Faculty of Law & Political  Science (2010). Besides he has lectured in several national and international meetings.

He was President of the Peruvian Association of Atheists (APERAT) (2009-12), and the Peruvian Journal of Applied Philosophy´s Publishing Association (AERPFA) (1995-2007) a member organization of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), a member of  Student-Pugwash, and Atheists of Florida; a founding member of the Peruvian Non-Religious Movement (MPHA) (1998-2002), founding Director of the Peruvian Non-Religious Humanist Movement (MPHA) (2002-2007), Director of the Peruvian Committee for the Investigation of Paranormal, Pseudocientific and Irrational Claims (CIPSI-PERU) (1998-2007).

He is President of the Peruvian Rationalist Humanists (HURA-PERU) (2007-today), the Center for Inquiry-Peru (CFI-Peru) (2002-today), a member of the Peruvian Philosophical Webring (RFP) (1998-today), the Peruvian Association of Bioethics (ASPEBIO), the Peruvian Society for the History of Science (SPHC), and a philosophical advisor for the Peruvian Society of Philosophical Counseling and Philosophical Practice (2007-today).

Also he is founding Editor of the following periodicals: Peruvian Journal of Applied Philosophy (RPFA), Latin American Journal of Applied Philosophy (RLFA), Eupraxophia, Neo-Skepsis, a member of the editorial board of Pensar. Revista Latinoamericana para la Ciencia y la Razón (Thinking. Latin American Magazine for Reason & Science), and was a member of the editorial board of both Mexican Ethical-Rationalist Association´s magazine Razonamientos (Reasonings) and Argentinian Humanist-Ethical Association´s magazine El Desorden (Disorder).

Paz-y-Miño is author of the following books:
(In Spanish)

Authoritarism & Humanism According to Erich Fromm
Does God not Exist?
How to Enjoy Better Sex, Love and Marriage
LOGOS: The Great Questions of Man. An Introduction to Philosophy
ETHOS: Let´s Live Better! An Introduction to Life’s Problems

Applied Philosophy in Peru and the World

Believers, Non-Believers and the Religious course in the public schols in Peru 

(In English)
ETHICAL APPROACHES TO THE PERUVIAN STATE TREATMENT IN FAVOUR OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: Is there any state religious discrimination in Peru? (Master's thesis)

Also he has translated into Spanish and/or edited the following books:

-by Antony Flew (UK):

Thinking about Social Thinking

-by Finngeir Hiorth (Norway):

Introduction to Atheism
Introduction to Humanism
Ethics for atheists
Studying Religion. An Introduction to Sciences of Religion
Big Bang or no Bang? Science, Religion & Philosophy
Who was Jesus?
(translated from Norwegian by Carmen Freixinet)

Atheism in the World
Metaphysics, Idealism & Materialism
Bertrand Russell: Philosopher-Freethinker
Introduction to Skepticism (translated by Zadir Seneca)
Philosophy of Religion until Kant (translated by Alberto Gonzales)
Introduction to Positivism (translated with Alberto Gonzales)

-by Andrew Lugg (UK, Canada):
Absurd & Quackery. Essays on Pseudo-Science & Rationalism (collected papers only in Spanish)

-by Paul Kurtz (USA):

Championing Reason. Essays on Secular Humanism & Skepticism (collected papers only in Spanish)

-by Hans Lenk (Germany):

Philosophy, Interpretationism & Performance (collected papers only in Spanish)
Action, Responsability, Tolerance & Humanity. Essays one Applied Ethics (collected papers only in Spanish)
Responsability, Science, Technology & Bio-Ethics. Essays on Applied Ethics II (collected papers only in Spanish)

Paz-y-Miño has also published in Spanish several philosophical papers and articles, interviews, reviews, letters, etc. and he has published the following articles in English:
-“The Supernatural and Paranormal in Peru. A skeptical vision and interpretation” en Skeptical Briefs, v. 9, n. 4, December, 1999, Amherst, NY: CSICOP, pp. 1-4.
-“Belief in Peru” in International Humanist News, Londres: IHEU, vol. 9, n. July 2002, Special issue for the World Humanist Congress in Holland, pp. 12-13.
-“Peru: A Non-Secular State in the 21st Century” en International Humanist News, Londres: IHEU, vol. 10, n. 2, May 2003, p. 18.
-“Paranormal claims in Peruvian Mass Media” en Skeptical Briefs, v. 13, n. 3, Sept., 2003, Amherst, NY: CSICOP, pp. 1-3.
-“Religious discrimination in Peruvian public schools” en International Humanist News, Londres: IHEU, vol. 11, n. 3, August 2004, pp. 18.
-“To be an Atheist in Peru” en Oss Hedninger imellom, Oslo: Der norske hednngsamfunn, nr. 1 & 2, June 2005.

Besides he has been interviewed by Benjamin Radford: "Fighting the Paranormal in Peru: An Interview with Manuel Paz y Miño" in Skeptical Briefs, vol. 10, n. 3, Amherst: CSICOP, Sept. 2000, pp. 4-5.

Works on Video
-Documentary: ¿Existe Dios? (Does God exist?) (Lima-Peru: AERPFA, 2003).
-Interviews in English to: Thomas Pogge, Arne Naess, Helge Svare, Tom Børsen, Marcel Verweij, Göran Collste, Craig Dilworth, Massimo Polidoro, on Manuel Paz y Miño's videos on Vimeo.

Also he is author of several blogs. One of them in English: Applied Ethics, and the rest of them in Spanish: Filosofía Aplicada (Applied Philosophy), La Razón y la Vida (Reason and Life), La Razón y lo Paranormal (Reason and the Paranormal), La Razón y la Religión (Reason and Religion), Consultor Filosófico (Philosophical Counselor), and Un peruano más por Escandinavia (Another Peruvian in Scandinavia).
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